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What color fits your personality more?

What color fits your personality more?! Colors are a very important part of our life. The colors we wear, affect humor, emotional state, even affect the impressions that others create for us. The colors speak, but ... What do they say? Before wearing a colored garments, always make sure it is clean, full of glitter [...]

How to wash jeans?

How to wash jeans pants ? Each of us has at least one pair of jeans pants in its own wardrobe. You can dress up everyday for a sporty look, or combined with a fine jacket and a pair of high heels - to give you a more sophisticated and stylish look. Therefore, it is [...]

How to arrange your wardrobe?

How to arrange a wardrobe and replace your winter clothes with the spring ones. Beautiful picture of wardrobe in magazines, make you feeling bad? Jealous ?! Hmm ... it's not that hard to have an organized closet. The less clothing you have, the easier it is to organize. When pulling out summer clothes to put [...]

Tips to save the colors of the clothes

Tips to save the colors of the clothes Colored clothes are always interesting to combine and should not be missing in any wardrobe. But they need special care, as they can fade and lose color much faster than dark clothes. To maintain color as long as possible, care should be taken carefully, following the relevant [...]

Tips for using Deka Bleaching

Tips for using Deka Bleaching: The bleach helps to give the fabric whiteness, gloss and to remove the stains. Bleach converts mud into soluble particles, which are easily eliminated by detergents, and then emerge with water during washing. But, apart from helping to remove stains, the balm gives gloss and whiteness to the fabric. Bleachers [...]

All you need to know about your detergent

All you need to know about your detergent. Even the finest, most experienced householders sometimes need advice on washing clothes. The checker comes to your aid through these practical guidelines: Detergents vary from one another. Some of them, such as all Deka detergents have some of the most contemporary elements in their content: the best [...]

How to Care for White clothes

How to Care for White clothes. 1. Group the white ones and race them separately. 2. For completely white cloth, use powder detergent and Deka Bleaching. For whites with different prints or figures, do not use Bleachers anymore. 3. Wash the clothes at the recommended maximum temperature. Wash it naturally, in the open air. White [...]

How to take care of the gym clothes

How to Care for Exercise Clothes? Follow these tips from Deka. Finally, have you decided to keep your body in shape and dedication to diet, fitness, physical activity this year? We congratulate you, as this is a very positive step. But that means that the garbage bin will add some "things" that carry sweat and [...]

How to wash sheets?

How to wash sheets The sleep ritual is sacred. So, the bed where you sleep should be a total reliance place to help you replenish and regenerate your strengths. Sleep becomes more relaxed when the sheets are clean and have a pleasant aroma. Follow these tips from Deka on how to wash your sheets to [...]

How to remove cigarette smoke and smell from clothes

How to remove cigarette smoke and smell from clothes. Wash the clothes in the washing machine, using powder detergent, and the most hot water possible, which is recommended for those clothes. Repeat the washing process until smoke and bad wind are removed. In addition to the detergent, use Prim Deluxe, which treats your clothes. It [...]

How to Choose the Right Detergent

How to Choose the Right Detergent Are you one of these person, who use many washing machines in a week? If so, then we advise you to change your routine slightly. By following these simple steps, to save water and electricity, you will spend less money, and be environmentally friendly. Use the recommended dose of [...]

Environmentally friendly

Show Friendship to the Environment, following these simple steps that Deka suggests. Some minor changes in daily activity such as the use of cold water in washing clothes using Deka detergents can bring great benefits to the environment and make the machine. We are telling you some little secrets to save energy. Use of cold [...]

The best way to “pack” the summer wardrobe

The best way to "pack" the summer wardrobe. To "pack" your summer clothes means leaving more room for pullover jackets that fall in the fall / winter. But all we want it’s , when we open the summer clothes those to be again in perfect condition. Here's what to do to keep your clothes in [...]

Short wash cycle

6 things you should know about the short wash cycle The fast washing process saves a lot of real time, but do you get the clean clothes you need? DEKA gives you the answer ... 1. A quick wash cycle is sufficient for a routine washing of clothes that are simply worn and have no [...]

How to Care for Fall Clothing

How to Keep Autumn pullovers in shape Autumn season has come and we pull out sweaters from the wardrobe. But if you make mistakes during washing, wool fibers can be seriously damaged. Follow these steps to keep your tights and pullovers in shape throughout the winter. 1. Avoid heat Wools react badly to heat. Remember [...]

The colors of the clothes and their significance over the years

WOOL COLORS AND THEIR HISTORY IN THE YEAR The clothes we all wear each day have a long evolution in history. For the first time, the clothes were born as a need to cover the human body and protect it from rainy weather. So the importance of clothes to integrate into the society in which [...]

Stains of Spaghetti

Here are some tips to cope with such a situation when the spicy macaroni sauce falls on us: 1. Rinse with running water, leaving the water flowing in the back of the garment, so that the stain is pushed out, out of the piece. Do not place pressure water in the face of stain, as [...]

How to remove stains caused by sweat

How to remove stains caused by sweat Now that the temperatures come on, one of the stains we encounter frequently and rarely makes us feel embarrassed, are the stains that are caused by sweating. Here are some practical tips that you can follow to get the best hygiene and to leave positive feedback to others. [...]

How often should I get wash

How often should I get washing? How often do we ask ourselves? "Yes, is it to be washed?" The exact answer we find by taking into consideration our daily activity, the type of textile fiber, the weather conditions, or how often we are wearing that garment. We offer you some tips that help us decide [...]

How to disinfect and clean the washing machine

How to disinfect and clean the washing machine Have you often thought about cleaning the washing machine? Do you feel that everything is OK with her? Hmm ... Think of it again! According to a survey, approximately 25% of washing machines carry fecal bacteria from our clothes. Anyway, there is no need to catch you [...]


Tips for Ironing by Deka - from online rubrics Are you tired of ironing ?! Follow these 7 smart and interesting ways to save your time. Some people like to take the iron table in the salon, put it in front of the TV, staying there for hours, while drinking a glass of wine maybe. [...]

How to remove the 5 most common stains in children

1. Ink. Some spots that belong to these categories: pen, color ink, etc. can not leave; even washing the washing process can put them worse still. Try to pre-treat these stains using one of the following methods: 1) Prepare with detergent Deka. Wash on the washing machine. 2) With a sponge with alcohol, rub the [...]

3 ideas that should not be missed during Christmas.

1.Christmas Symbol Christmas blossom is considered the symbol of the star of Bethlehem. The red color of the leaves is the symbol of the blood of Christ. 2.Decorations and gifts. There should be no red color in the décor of the house, on the tablecloths, in our outfits and the red flowers, which bring the [...]

Live in Color

Deka Color "Live with Color" You like to combine colors in your clothes, but worry about washing them? Deka Color is the right detergent for you! Deka Color cleans deeply removing any hard stain from the clothes, plus features color-fasteners, which prevents color shading and maintains the brightness of the fabric even after many uses. [...]

Are you afraid of white color?

White is a color that is never lacking in our clothes. It prevails throughout the year in every season. Each spring flower, blouses, color matching shirts combine easily with white trousers or blouses. In the summer we all want to have no heat and the white color realizes this desire. Autumn accepts all the colors, [...]

A detail that should not miss Valentine’s Day.

Every day filled with love is "St. Valentine" but the date February 14 symbolizes the day of the lovers. Flowers and many symbolic gifts exchange lovers. Just as the day and the girls want to look and feel special, so planning what will wear begins days ago. The red color should not be missing in [...]

A scarf unlike others …

Scarf is the accessory that becomes an inseparable part of the cold days. As well as giving us warmth, the combination of colors and new patterns are the ones that attract us the most. Following the steps below, stylize a scarf, joining two pieces together. Before you start dressing, we recommend that you use Prim [...]

For a comfortable and relaxing sleep …

The key to being in shape throughout the day is comfortable sleeping. Choosing acceptability is a concern for everyone. Unpleasant odors, which create allergies, is one of the main reasons for uncomfortable sleep. Follow the method below and you will have a comfortable sleep and you will feel tame throughout the day. Place the pillows [...]

The secret that sweaters look beautiful always …

Sweets in this season are not missing in any wardrobe and the whole family prefers. Warmth on cold days makes our woolen clothes to be worn daily. Frequent washing of woolen clothes is a problem because it creates not only thinning but also reducing clothing. We must take care when washing them. Know the following [...]

How can I care about the drops caused by the fruits of the Autumn?

Here are some tips to make sure you are getting the most from your wine wine, while the wine glasses shine on cleanliness. The safest way to clean your glasses is to wash them by hand (do not use the dishwasher). Follow these steps to avoid bleeding and remaining stains. Make sure your sink is [...]

Sport Uniforms

We all want to be healthy, look beautiful, and always with perfect body shapes both in summer and winter. Sports activities are the best choice. In addition to activities, clothing is what attract us and cleanliness makes us feel good. Some Tips to Clean Your Clothes From Sports Activities: 1-Golfi is a modern game created [...]

Add home decorations on these holiday days …

Towels are indispensable and inseparable part of the home. Frequent washing causes their mildness to be missed. Follow the steps below and gain the mildness and aroma you want: You need some colored towels and ribbon. At first, before setting for decoration, we recommend that you use the Prim Deluxe softener. Treatment with Prim DELUXE [...]

Color symbolizing holidays.

Red colour Red creates the right energy to attract the eye, identifies with life and death. Red color is the color of blood, love and passion, but it is also a sign of danger, violence and aggression. It is defined as the color of love, because and according to studies it is a color that [...]


Liquid Detergent Deka Color for color clothes -Fights the stains on colored clothes. -Contains fixing color that prevents color shading. -Right the brightness of the clothes even after much use. -Perfume Microscopsules explode the floral fragrance after each friction. Combine washing with the fabric softener Prim Deluxe'sformula gives you everything you need for your wardrobe: [...]

Some tips on how to care for drying clothes in winter.

During the winter, humidity always disturbs us to wash clothes. Not just the stains that are difficult to leave but after the washing we wait a long time to dry. Follow the 4 steps and your clothes will shine even in the wet days: 1. Place an extra basket over the winter and divide the [...]

Inseparable accessory during winter …

In addition to sweaters, which are unavoidable during the winter, socks occupy another space in the winter wardrobe. Not only are they warm, but multiple colors create combinations, which have become a trend. But how do we care to keep the brightness, the colors and all the socks lightly and be full of fragrance? Deka [...]