Prim Deluxe

Fluid for the softness of the clothes, suitable for
cleaning clothes in the washing machine
automatic. Contains Perfume Microcapsule.

It treats textile fibers, contains antibacterial, facilitates ironing, repairs textile fibers, fixes clothes colors, aromatizes with and Perfume Microcapsule

Floral Mist

Prim Deluxe Floral Mist contains Perfume Microcapsule
that bloom in every touch
and releases flower flavour! The flavour
of microcapsules with perfume, helps us
us relax the senses and releases
hormones that relieve stress.

Perfume in the clothes feels all day long and adds after every wash! Prim Deluxe Floral Mist keeps the aroma even in the clothes folded for a relatively long time.Learn more

Rose & Lavander

Take care of the longevity of your clothes by
treating textile fibers. Prim Deluxe Rose & Lavandere,
protects and repairs textile fibers, making the
garments not lose their elasticity even after much washing.

The washing process is intensive and often textile fibers can be damaged if treated with detergent. The use of the Prim Deluxe Milk Flower, after the detergent increases the lifespan of the clothes.Learn more

Milk Flower

Prim Deluxe Milk Flower is a "balsam" that makes
soft clothes, after each wash. Also conceived
for sensitive skin, the clothes treated with Prim Deluxe Milk Flower
will makes you feel relaxed.

After treatment with the detergent, the textile fibers tend to pushed between them until the cut off and the clothes are sharpened. Prim Deluxe Milk Flower reduces this, by treating textile fibers and the clothes become softer!Learn more

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Get in touch with the latest news about the activities our staff is doing with love and care! Deka always finds ways to entertain you, but also to reward you with special offers!

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Laundry Tips

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Welcome to the Deka community! This is the weekly home routine, How to care a lot, spending a little.

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Deka Albania

The Deka company not only carries history and tradition in the field of detergents, but always comes up with innovative ideas to make home garment cleaning process easier and fun.

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