Deka Liquid

The family of liquid detergents, as well as
any other Deka product has been adapted
with water hardness
in our country, with the climate
Albanian and our culture of washing.

Liquid detergents, such as, Deka Color, Deka Black and Deka White, are very effective for the elimination of oilseed stains and for primary treatment. Contains Perfume Microcapsule.

Deka Color

Deka color cleans deeply removing
any hard stains from the clothes, plus
contains color fasteners, which prevents
color shading and save the glamor of the clothes
even after many uses.

The Deka Color contains Perfume Microcapsule that explode in every contact. More flavour after each wash. Use regular Deka color adds the number of micro-capsules to the clothes so that more perfume is released.Learn more

Deka Black

Deka Black has ingredients, which act like
a magnet and collect the black molecules that can break out
during the washing process, does not allow
the molecules to lose.
In this way, the transfer of colors to the clothes is prevented.

Deka Black makes blacks keep the shine even after many uses. Deka black contains Perfume Microcapsule that bloom the floral fragrance. Eliminates all the stains from the clothes. Learn more

Deka White

Deka White is a delicate formula that
that deeply cleans white clothes that protecting
textile fibers from possible deformations.
Contains maximum optical bleach
that the white donates absolute whiteness.

Deka White makes white to shine even after many uses. Contains Perfume Microcapsule that bloom in every touch, more flavour after each wash! Regular use adds the number of microcapsules to the clothes and gets more perfume! Learn more

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Deka Albania

The Deka company not only carries history and tradition in the field of detergents, but always comes up with innovative ideas to make home garment cleaning process easier and fun

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