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Advice from Deka for washing surfaces with DIP product

DYNAMIC LAMINATES Follow these 4 simple steps to always have excellent laminate flooring. Step 1: Get all the tools you need Before you start cleaning, make sure you have all the tools you need. What you will need are: cloth / scrubber, bucket with water, your DIP cleaner. Step 2: Prepare your laminate tiles Prepare [...]

Tips for washing dishes of glass

Eliminate water stains. Clean and rinse glass panes using Rix dishwashers and warmer hot water. Warm water tends to evaporate more quickly, reducing the likelihood of creating stains from water. Turn the cups down to dry, after you have laid a towel on the surface where you put them. You can wipe the glass with [...]

How to Eliminate Hard Grease From Culinary Utensils

When it comes to fat, there is a dishwasher that helps you better than any other detergent. With Rix 3+ Power, fat is eliminated easier and faster. Follow these practical tips that will ease your life in the kitchen. Have simple bowls in the beginning, spoons, knives and forks, and then switch to dishes. In [...]

Tips for a Shiny Kitchen Set

Porcelain sets Culinary services used on special days need special care. To cope with the strong fat that makes the food, put a towel on the bottom of the sink, hold the porcelain container caught in the strongest point and wash with warm water and Rix dishwashing. Vessels Do not immerse the pots in soapy [...]

Tips for pots and pan that last forever

When the kitchen utensils are quality and maintained, they can last forever. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions to take care of your dishes, or remember these practical tips: Alumina Aluminum pots or pans should never be washed in the dishwasher. Always wash with simple water with the Rix dishwashing machine. If aluminum is covered with [...]

Tips for a clean, spotless kitchen.

Kitchen is the heart of the whole house, it requires much love, but also care. Change the laundry cleaner used at least twice a week or sterilize with a solution of diluted water and Deka Bleaching. Keep separate napkins to wipe the plates and clean the various surfaces if they are dirty. Plates / dishes [...]

8 new genius ideas to use the Rix dishwasher

The dishwashing detergent can be the main item on the sink, but its cleaning power helps us all the home's environments, not just to clean the grease and some stains on the pan. Usually the liquid liquids are soft detergents, so they can be a good solution to other harmful chemicals. The next time you [...]

How to clean wine glasses

Here are some tips to make sure you are getting the most out of your wines, while the wine glasses shine on cleanliness. The safest way to clean your wine glasses is to wash them by hand (do not use the dishwasher). Follow these steps to avoid bleeding and remaining stains. • Make sure your [...]

6 ways to speed up the dishwasher process

Do not you have a dishwasher ?! Your partner does not help you with housework ?! In order not to spend your bent evening at the sink, what you should do: Remove the remains Remove as much food from the dishes as you can. After you have "emptied" well, give it a quick rinse before [...]

Some tips on how to care for the home mess, caused by pets.

Your pets are very messy and you worry because you have not yet solved the way to clean. From the four-track traces the floor is always muddy. Stains on the floor accompany us every day especially during the fall days. Walking animals in these days and returning home brings even more stains on the floor. [...]

Put the little things in your home décor.

Many objects that appear to be used for a single purpose in your home after reading the following material will start to think differently. Necessary tools you need: coffee beans, lemon or orange, small candles, transparent glass cups and RIX. First, rinse the glass cups with RIX for a blinding glow. Coffee is very fond [...]

How can you create more space in your home?

Although the house may be big we still worry, because the space that is created is small. Follow the steps below to help you pass this problem: 1. Choose the right colors. Open colors give more light, so you should be careful with choosing colors to paint your home, and the curtains should have roughly [...]

Colors that you should never remove from your home decor.

Homemakers, which spend a very long time caring for the home, often hear their desire to build home furniture. But the furniture is costly and is not practical and is not the right choice. Play in the colors at home, the combination of colors for home furnishing is the perfect solution. White is the color [...]

Foods that should not be missing on the table during the change of years.

Pomegranate In Turkey, it represents good fortune for many reasons: the red color, which represents human blood, life and fertility. It is very healthy from the medical point of view, and the abundant, rounded seeds represent well-being. Greens From south-west America to Europe, people on New Year's Day prefer vegetables, such as: green cabbage, broccoli, [...]

Give the right floor lighting to your home …

Washing the floor is one of the less desirable tasks for housekeepers and it is not uncommon for cases when after washing do not have the desired result. Dip is the ideal solution for cleaning your home. With its advanced formula, it has a lot of cleansing strength to remove all the dirt that accumulates [...]

Have you considered what other jars could used?

Jars other than serving for storing foods can also be used as a holder to arrange spoon, knives and forks. • Rix is the right detergent for washing dishes, providing maximum hygiene. • Contains Hydro-Mask collagen that protects the skin of the hands, has 3 times more power for cleansing the fat and removes unpleasant [...]

Benefits of red wine …

According to red wine studies: - Improve mental health - There's a bit of calorie - Reduces stress - Slows aging - Good sleep In addition to benefits, there are also issues such as stains.. Pre-treat the stain, then put it in a normal washing process. If the stain is in white cloth use detergent [...]

We are on the brink of the holidays and the decorations are inseparable …

We all go back to the kids and want to add to the holiday atmosphere. We decorate the home environment, cook and choose the foods we serve, but the table is always the same. Create a ribbon through the napkin you put on the desk, except that it's just fun. Fold the rectangular napkin, place [...]

Care we need to tell about cleaning kitchen dishes …

A product that never misses at home is a dish washer. Household always worry, because when washing dishes, hand injuries occur due to the composition of the detergent. No worries about your dishes: Rix contains Collagen-Hydromask, which hydrates and nourishes the skin of the hands making them look soft and shine. No more concern for [...]

Feel the holiday atmosphere at your table.

For dishes on your desk to shine with cleanliness, use the RIX dish washing. Liquid detergent eliminates even the most difficult fat from your dishes. Contains Collagen-Hydro-Mask, which hydrates and feeds the skin of the hands. Place the white dishes as in the picture, chapels in the form of hats, swabs in the shape of [...]

Enjoy the rainy days and do not let your mood change.

If you prefer adventures, the days of rain are perfect, you need: darts, coat and boots and ready to make the next plan. When you return home, the floor pad will clean the DIP floor cleaner. - The DIP detergent has a laxative effect that eliminates all stains on the floor. - The ideal solution [...]

How to adjust the New Year tree differently this time …

The tree, which you are decorating for the feast, add to it and the hair of the snow. Cotton perfectly replaces the snow, above all does not melt and stays in your home as much as you want. Put the small pieces of cotton on the tree and then put the other embellishments. The crease [...]

Make up makeup brushes …

All girls prefer make-up even in many items we keep them daily in a purse. When it comes to makeup brushes they do not lack and always cause clutter in the drawer. The best way to arrange the brushes, but to create a pleasant environment in the bedroom, put the brushes in the glass or [...]

Select for a glass to serve a drink is the art …

Many cups are designed with different shapes, even through a sight we do not mistake to choose a glass of cocktail, wine or champagne. For verbose glow of serving cups we advise Rix's dish washer: -Make collage Hido mask that protects the skin of the hands. - Has 3X more power to remove fats. - [...]