DEKA is a member of AM Group, which currently represents one of the largest companies in the light and food industry in Albania.

Particular importance is given to the Research and Development Department, which is consistently engaged in the design and development of innovative product.

Laboratory research, observance with standards and the assistance of our International Partners for many years are key links to our success.

Deka products are differentiated in the market, through some advantages that you will not find in any other product in Albania.

Detergents with Deka brand are adapted with the Albanian climate, the culture of washing and water hardness in Albania.

Visions & Mission

The Deka company aims not only to satisfy the customer’s needs, but also to follow their trends, improve the quality of life, developing new products and improving existing products.

Existing products through the Research of Development Department and modern technology meet the primary requirements of each customer for perfect cleanliness and maximum hygiene.

Our mission is aims to face the challenges to be the leader, as an Albanian brand in the market that offers the best quality for you.

The key to success

  • Passion & Ambition
  • Trust
  • Teamwork
  • Determination

Hygiene, Fragrance & Absolute brightness!

The achievements we want in 2030

Our missions and goals will continue to grow over the years, improving the quality and promoting maximum hygiene for our customer. We aim to strengthen customer confidence.

Steps for future achievements:

The formula of detergent is made up of elements that give absolute brightness in your clothes. Additional advanced elements in the detergent formula always come with innovative ideas.

  • Perfume Microcapsules that smell flower fragrance.
  • Conteins 7 enzymes that’s called cocktail of enzymes Medley Brilliant 100T
  • Washed in cold water.
  • Antibacterial ingredients.
  • Protects your active mass and your washing machine from scaly

Use of water

Water is a global concern, many people suffer from the lack of drinking water.
There is also a problem connected with the use of water, during the washing process. Deka detergents are made up of elements that provide cleanliness, perfect hygiene and make washing easier. We aim that the elements in the composition of the product when washing clothes, consume many times less water than usual.


Product recycling is another process that requires attention for the environment. From multiple surveys, the pollution from plastic materials is increasing fast climb. Packaging products are recyclable and the material used does not harm the environment, but the plastic materials are harmful so we are focused on long-term goals, packaging of all products will be in paper packing. In this way by removing 100% plastic, we do not damage the environment.

Environmental protection

We emphasized that in the years to come we will replace the packaging of products. But the paper is made of wood …To achieve our long-term goals, we will join environmental protection organizations, taking initiatives to increase the number of green spaces.