Deka Black

Deka liquid

The liquefied detergent family, like any other Deka product, is
adapted to the water’s hardness in our country, the Albanian climate, and our culture of washing. 

Liquid detergents, such as Deka Color, Deka Black and Deka White, are very effective in eliminating oilseed stains such as food-stuffs, make-ups, routine washing a bit faded, and washing of delicate clothes. Especially liquids are used for primary treatment by applying fluid directly over the polluted clothes. The dose is determined using the liquid cover itself as a metering unit (see the instructions inside the dosing page).

Deka Liquid  is COMPAKT = LESS IS MORE

Liquid Detergents Deka initially eliminates unpleasant odors, and flavor from the presence  of Perfume Microcapsule. 

Microcapsule with Perfume that explode flower fragrance, will be activated after each washed  that aromatizing the clothes of all family.

Deka Black
For all those who love to dress in dark, we present you the dynamic formula of Deka Black.

Deka Black has ingredients that act as a magnet and collect the black molecules that can be leave during the washing process, leaving no molecules to be missed. In this way, the transfer of colors in clothes is prevented.  

  • Clothes will look like new for a long time, because Deka Black sets up dark colors and does not let it fade over time.
  • Deka Black makes blacks keep their brightness even after much use.
  • Deka Black contains a Microcapsule of Perfume that explodes the floral fragrance.
  • More fragrance after each wash! Regular use adds the number of microcapsules to the clothes and removes more perfume.
  • The degree of hygiene increases in your clothes, through antibacterials that eliminate any harmful bacteria and microorganisms.
  • Removes all the stains from the clothes.
  • Contains water softener, which prevents damage to the fabric from various deposits of mineral salts or chlorine.
  • Deka Black also ran in cold water (15-20 ° C), saving electricity..